We provide the necessary network, guidance and knowledge to corporates to tackle the huge potential of emerging markets. We not only are present in these markets through our network, but we walk the talk, i.e. we invest and build companies in these regions. We believe that the power of a large corporation with our entrepreneurial mindset is the key to success and positive impact.


Innovation and emerging markets


What market? What product for what market? Go to market (buy vs. build vs. alliances)?

We have insights in more than 55 emerging markets with on the ground experts


What are the latest technologies that can impact your business?

We monitor the latest technology trends and how they can transform industries


What are the latest disruption opportunities in your industry?

We track various trends around the world to better spot the future of each industry

Access to 1’500+ experts on the ground in 55+ countries


Co-creation and outsourced innovation in emerging markets


Dedicated deal sourcing

You have access to a dedicated deal flow in your industry or area of interest (from early to more mature companies). We can manage the due diligence and investment.


We spread the word

You get visbility to a community of entrepreneurs and developers and position your brand on the innovation scene to attract talents and ideas.


We build products & companies together

We co-create or you outsource completely innovation. Our Lab can provide you with the knowledge, talents and resources to launch innovative ideas.

Creative environment

Offices in our innovation hubs

We provide your company with offices in a creative environment alongside with other entrepreneurs and young startups to boost creativity and foster the innovation process.

We already build and invest in companies in emerging markets. Let’s do it together.